Private Practice

In addition to trial consulting and writing, Dr. Morris is a licensed psychologist. He has over thirty years experience.

Specialty Areas:

  • Psychological Testing
  • Independent Disability Evaluations
  • Expert Witness Testimony
    • Civil Cases
      • Psychodiagnostic Assessment in Personal Injury Litigation
      • Workman’s Compensation
      • Malpractice Suits
      • Negligence & Product Liability
    • Domestic Cases
      • Divorce and Child Custody Mediation/Assessment
      • Child Custody and Visitation Rights Assessment
      • Parental Termination and Adoption Evaluations
    • Criminal Cases
      • Evaluation of Competency to stand trial
      • Insanity and Assessment of Criminal Responsibility
  • He also serves as a consultant to industries and has over 25 years experience as an expert witness in legal cases.