Day 11 Katmandu and Nepal

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DAY 11  Katmandu   On arrival in Katmandu, we were transferred to our guest room at the Hyatt Regency Hotel where we would stay 2 nights. We arrived around 12:30. Went to bed and fell asleep. Some notes about Katmandu. It is the capital of Nepal and situated 4,423 feet above sea level. Nepal was formed as a country with current boundaries in 1816 when they lost a war with India. Nepal had a king but over time has evolved into a democracy with 3 branches of government much like USA. Our guide, Ram, and his driver, Nati, met us in the hotel...

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Day 10 Delhi

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DAY 10  Delhi   Some notes about Delhi Delhi is situated in a strategic position on the west bank of the Yamuna River, between the Himalayas and the Aravalli Hills. It is the gateway to the rich alluvial soils of the Ganges plain and has, according to Indian folklore, been occupied since 2500 BCE. The original city, Indraprastha was the first of nine. Shahjahanabad or Old Delhi, the 7th city, was built when the Mughal Emperor moved his capital back to Delhi from Agra in 1638. Planned out in blocks with wide roads, residential areas and...

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Day 9 Jaipur The Pink City

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DAY 9  FRIDAY   FEBRUARY 3 Jaipur, the City of Victory, is surrounded by the rugged Aravali hills–crowned by formidable forts–and beautiful palaces, mansions and gardens. Royal processions and parades, in all of their splendour, graced these palaces and forts once. The city is a colorful oasis in the desert and we noticed a timeless quality to Jaipur’s bazaars and its people. After breakfast, we drove to Maharaja Mansingh’s 17th century masterpiece, the Amber Fort that overlooks the beautiful Maota Lake. The fort is a sprawling...

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Day 8 Safari

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DAY 8  THURSDAY   FEBRUARY 2 Sawai Madhopur, in Rajasthan, is the departure point for the famous Ranthambore National Park, and India’s efforts to conserve the dwindling tiger population. The park is one of the finest tiger reserves in the country and the most likely place to see these majestic animals. . After breakfast onboard, we set out for our morning game drive/safari. Ranthambore is home to several other species as well including monkeys we saw at the entrance and throughout the park. and spotted deer… and crocodiles. Extensive...

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We disembarked the train and were welcomed to Agra by colorful costumed dancers and musicians who grabbed our hands and insisted we dance. The drive to the Taj took about 30 minutes through thick and teeming, horn beeping traffic. Our first view of the fabulous structure was from one of the gardens. We were astonished at the few numbers of visitors to the monument. The gardens are well kept. We observed women in traditional garb on their knees weeding the lawn. .The minarets appear to be almost equal in height to the Taj but that is an...

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Day 6

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  DAY 6  TUESDAY   JANUARY 31 This morning,  as the Deccan Odyssey traveled through the stronghold of the Marwar region, we enjoyed breakfast onboard and the striking panorama of the Thar Desert before arriving at Jodhpur. Jodhpur, named for the ruling Jodi family (pur=city thus Jodhpur), resisted the Mongol invasion (Mongol=Mughal), opened up to western trade and developed hotels for merchants and shelters for their camels. Finally, the mughal ruler Akbar made an alliance with the city through marriage. The sunrise, which I could not...

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India Journal Day 5 Monday

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DAY 5  MONDAY  JANUARY 30 The Deccan rolled into Udaipur in the morning. Set on the shores of the placid Lake Pichola, Udaipur, known as the City of Lakes, is easily one of the most romantic cities in India or that we have seen on other travels. We disembarked the train to visit the famous City Palace, the largest palace complex in Rajasthan (the name of the region), with its scalloped arches, fretted balconies, and cupolas, which also houses the spectacular Crystal Gallery. Inside the museum of the Crystal Palace we were told an interesting...

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India Day 4 Sunday Vadodara

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4 DAY  SUNDAY   JANUARY 29 After a satisfying dinner and rocky overnight onboard the train (We pretended we were on a ship and “going with the flow”) we arose, surprisingly fresh and good to go. Sandi didn’t get to sleep until 3 and she said I was snoring throughout the rough ride on the click-clacking tracks. The train finally stopped around midnight at a station. The beds are wonderful and we are having fun finding cubby holes and ledges to put our things in a compact but adequate room, our little capsule through enchanting India. We...

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India Trip Day 3

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DAY 3  SATURDAY   January 28 Note: Day 2 was a free day at the hotel. We rested, hooked up with Jackie Bone, our friend from New Zealand and spent the day visiting and enjoying good food and drinks at the hotel. After breakfast, we took a morning heritage walking tour thorugh the Art Precinct of Mumbai’s British Heritage District and were introduced to the vibrant world of contemporary Indian painting and sculpture. Kola Ghoda (Black Horse) is a crescent shaped sub-precinct that has developed into a prominent cultural center in Mumbai. The...

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India Journal Days 1/2

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DAY 1-2, WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY   JANUARY 25-26 Our adopted chauffeur, Jeff Galloway, drove us from Myrtle, MS to the Memphis Airport. We departed on time at noon . Arrived Atlanta 2:00 p.m. and departed there for Charles DeGaulle Airport in Paris, arrived Charles De Gaulle Airport about 8:00 a.m. after 8 hour flight. This airport has been renovated since we were there last several years ago and we had a splendid and comfortable 3 hour lay-over. Departed for Mumbai, India on time at around 11:00 a.m. and arrived there after another 8 hour flight...

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