New Zealand, Day 4, February 23

After a fabulous breakfast, we departed Rotorua. The one hour drive to Taupo was marked by frequent thermal vapor sitings, lush countryside, sculptured hills from the Jurrasic glacial period (like one sees in northern Scotland), herds of sheep and dairy cattle, cliffs of loess (sediment from the great glaciers) that one sees around Vicksburg and Natchez, and vistas of unparalleled beauty.

IMG_0632 IMG_0633 IMG_0637

The Hilton, our destination, is situated on a hilltop overlooking Lake Taupo. After unpacking, we decided to take a taxi into town. The driver was a very nice man from India. He deposited us near the restaurant where we had reservations and we spent time window shopping and enjoying the ambience of the vibrant lakeshore village. We ate at Vine Eatery which had come highly recommended and we were not disappointed.


We enjoyed the quaint atmosphere and wonderful food. I had a flounder from Hawkes Bay and Sandi feasted on a fig, walnut, spinach, goat cheese salad with prosciutto ham. A taxi returned us to the Hilton. We discovered thermal units in a ravine behind the hotel.


Joe Edd took a break in the hotel’s hot tub while Sandi exercised on the treadmill and stationary bike.



The highlight of the day was a gorgeous sunset over Lake Taupo that kept on and on and on splashing the sky with color.

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We ended the day catching up with our notes and journals and sharing them with others.