Trial and Jury Consulting

Dr. Morris has accumulated almost thirty years of experience in the forensic field of trial and jury consulting across a broad variety of cases. His clients are not limited to attorneys throughout the southeast and southwest but include legal firms in other parts of the country. He has also conducted numerous workshops on psychology in the courtroom and addressed bar associations and law schools. Because of its generic approach, Dr. Morris’ book Systematic Jury Selection in Mississippi: A Practical Approach has been well received by attorneys throughout the country.

Dr. Morris’ approach to jury consulting is case specific and mirrors the actual process of jury selection. Participants in mock trials and focus groups are randomly chosen from a demographic area similar to the trial location. They are further screened to eliminate bias and prejudice, much in the same manner as actual jurors during voir dire in court. Dr. Morris’ analyses are comprehensive and detailed with recommendations for strengthening the case

References are available upon request.