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Communion Homily at St. Luke UMC

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I was honored today by being asked to deliver the Holy Communion homily by Dr. Rick Brooks at St. Luke United Methodist Church. This celebrated an anniversary date, 6 years to the day, when I conducted the service and Ten Things I Wish Jesus Hadn’t Said was born. The crowd was very receptive and Sandi and I were warmly received. A special treat was having someone in the congregation who was present when I preached my first sermon at age 17. Betty Lynn Wade Allen said the presentation was...

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Radio Interview on Wednesday, September 17

Posted by on Sep 18, 2015 in Blog |

Seth Shaver, one of the marketing folks at Leafwood Press, arranged an interview with the Bob Dutco Talk Show located in southeast Michigan and the show is heard nationally. Sandi picked it up with clarity here in Tupelo. I went on at 1:30 p.m., had three segments with commercial breaks. The focus was on Ten Things I Wish Jesus Hadn’t said. The questions were fair and ranged throughout the content of the book. It was nice to get this national coverage. Bob Dutko is one of the most...

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Decatur Book Festival, September 4-5, 2015

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Sandi and I just returned from Atlanta where I was invited to participate in the Decatur Book Festival, one of the largest in the country. The experience gave us an opportunity to make new contacts, expand our network, sell some books, and meet some very interesting authors. We spent the weekend with my former theology professor, Ted Runyon and his wife Cindy and attended their Sunday school class where I saw other former professors and colleagues and their church Emory University Glenn...

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Early Endorsements for The Last Page

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“A brilliant novel written with the authority of a scholar and the skill of a gifted storyteller.”                         – PEGGY WEBB, USA Today bestselling author of The Language of Silence “The Last Page is an important novel laced with a refreshing sense of humor and filled with fascinating detail that could only have come from a writer with the credentials of Joe Edd Morris. Told in parallel stories that weave between modern and ancient times, this imagining of...

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Book Progress

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The Last Page is moving along on schedule according to the publisher. I fired my current agent and seeking another.   Had a great time at Reed’s Gumtree Bookstore on August 17th. Ten Things I Wish Jesus Hadn’t Said is doing well. Reed’s has signed copies for those who missed the event.

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Ten Things I Wish Jesus Hadn’t Said is now available

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A signed and inscribed copy of Ten Things I Wish Jesus Hadn’t Said can be purchased at a discount from me which includes my shipping cost of the book. The book is doing quite well. A kick-off book event is scheduled for Tuesday August 18th at Reed’s Gum Tree Book Store in Tupelo.

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Contracted today to publish The Last Page: Mark’s Gospel Mystery. The Last Page is a historical novel based upon the mystery of the missing last page of the Gospel of Mark. Chapters alternate between two story lines and sets of protagonists that follow two time tracks: evangelist John Mark in the 1st century C.E.; archaeologist Chris Jordan and ancient manuscript expert Elaine Ferguson in the 21st century, fall of 2011. Two relationships evolve and mirror each other in the separate...

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Alexander Markov Dazzles Again

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On Friday, June 5th, Sandi and our good friend, Rosemarie Stucki, attended another wonderful concert at Carnegie Hall. Alexander, our dear friend, made Vivaldi’s Four Seasons come alive. We felt swept away. The remainder of our short trip was also eventful. We spent time with Rosemarie’s daughter, my niece, who informed us of a new family addition on the way. Good times. Great fun. Inestimable memories.

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Ten Things I Wish Jesus Hadn’t Said

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The book is on track for publication by Leafwood Press/Abilene Christian University Press for August of this year. The staff is putting together a full court press on marketing including a video segment plus press releases/media kits. I’ll keep everyone updated on the progress being made.

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