Linda Langton, renown national and international literary agent, sent word today she and her firm want to represent my novel The Pillared Dark. The novel has been a work in progress for almost 40 years. After many revisions, rewrites, and edits, it has made it this far. The title will probably change again. We will see. A copy of Linda’s e-mail, by the way a nice birthday present, is shown below.

Dear Joe Edd

I have finished your book and I love it!!
 I had  been swamped with time sensitive projects,  and therefore couldn’t read it before now,  but once I started I couldn’t put it down.  It is a story that should be told as we should be reminded of that period in history in America and in the Deep South in particular, and there is much interest now because of the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s assassination at the moment.  I also found it  very well written and extremely poignant in parts.
The only criticism is the title and I would strongly advise you to choose a title which more reflects the content of your story.  This current title is hard to remember as it doesn’t really tell us what your story is about.  Thank you, Joe Edd.
I would very much like to agent your book Joe Edd and congratulations for a job well done!
I am attaching a letter of agreement between us and also the authors guidelines,  which is a marketing paper which needs to be filled in as best you can.  We have to show a publisher  that you have  a platform, the background  whereby you can sell copies of your book either through your contacts, social media online or in general.  You may have to work with a marketing person to do this.  We do have a very special person who we use if you need someone.
I am delighted that your book has turned out so well, Joe Edd.  And I am looking forward to finding you a publisher!
Good wishes to you and your family, Joe Edd!