New Testament Stories: What Do They Say Today? is due out next week. Co-author Roy Ryan and I anticipate brisk sales based upon early interest.

Return to Freedom Summer is under current review by a number of noted publishers. Nothing definite at this point. The rejections, however, have been glowing.

Mark’s Gospel: The Last Page is under current review by my agent, Linda Langton.

The Christian Right: Is It Christian? Is It Right…Or Left? is under review by my agent, Linda Langton.

Things I Wish Jesus Hadn’t Said, following a successful legal battle with a former publisher, is being re-shopped by that book’s agent of record, Mary Sue Seymore.

Currently, I am working on short stories, have sent out five and am working on a sixth. Eight short stories have been published. I’d like to get at least two more for a book/collection.

Joe Edd Morris

February 19, 2014