In a full room of individuals who had provided significant feedback for this book, it opened today with Chapter 5, Pick Up Your Cross. The discussion was vibrant, diverse, and, at times, controversial. The author was taken to task for what he meant by “take up your cross.” In the book, a distinction is made between a burden and a sacrifice. Some contended that taking care of loved ones when they are seriously ill would be “taking up a cross.” The book states, “We do not ‘take up’ back pain, divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure or a child on drugs. Though choices are involved in these life burdens and though we often refer to them as ‘crosses to bear,’ we do not take them up. We do not intentionally select them.” Arguments were forwarded that caring for one’s elderly parents was taking up a cross, that it was intentional and a matter of choice. If there is a second edition to the book, the author may need to revise. JEM